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Eaton Corporation has expanded its product base to include a line of intelligent power distribution systems, additional UPS products, and management systems that integrate these various technologies into a "smart" power chain management approach.

As an Eaton Power Advantage Specialist, our staff has worked closely with factory engineers, software designers, and support staff in developing and deploying these new solutions.

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Eaton UPS Offerings

9-1-1 Infrastructure Service and Support

During the current National State of Emergency, Power Associates, Inc. is continuing to support the mission critical operations of Public Safety Answering Points and Emergency Response in Texas and the region.

Essential Government Operations for the Gulf Coast Regional 9-1-1 District, Bexar Metro 9-1-1 District, Tarrant County 9-1-1 District, Montgomery County Hospital District, and public safety call centers, dispatch, and related services operated in conjunction with AT&T 9-1-1 services throughout Texas and Louisiana have come to rely on our dedication to zero downtime. That dedication has never been more important than it is now.

We stand ready to assist in any way that we can, and hope, as everyone does, that this crisis passes soon.

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