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Power Associates, Inc. provides staff and contract professionals with extensive backgrounds in a number of IT disciplines and areas of specialization.

Your company can utilize our expertise to expand capacity for large or time-sensitive projects; free internal staff to work on daily requirements while getting major projects completed; assist branch offices without hiring dedicated personnel and troubleshoot and resolve issues requiring specialized knowledge.

Our service personnel are highly experienced and trained individuals. More than that, they are required to understand not just the technology, but how that technology is used in business.

Our technicians realize the need to solve problems quickly and cost effectively, because ultimately your people need to get back to work, using that technology to make money. Our responses aren't just what is written in the manual-we take into account how your business functions, and what you need the equipment or system to deliver.

We do all that is possible to insure that a technician is familiar with your company, its policies, procedures, products, and anything that might be impacted by our work. We emphasize long-term partnership with our customers, and our people believe in it. We routinely inspect and follow-up on service jobs to insure your satisfaction and our quality.

Call us at 281-459-4653 ext. 111 to discuss your IT service needs and find out how we can help you meet your goals.

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