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You've got six new branch offices nationwide, and your London office has just doubled. You need fifty identical units with your standard software load built, configured, licensed, and delivered ASAP and make sure all of them are adapted to the local power system, keyboard conventions, and date/time standards, and ready to network.

Power Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in handling the logistics of delivering customized units to multiple sites, even when they are thousands of miles apart. We have deployed systems overseas, cross-country, and even north of the Arctic Circle. Our approach to working with you as a true business partner means that we will be familiar with your locations, policies and procedures, and personnel, in addition to just the equipment. Our staff is knowledgeable in coordinating freight shipments by all types of carriers. We work with your freight forwarder and customs broker, or locate these services for you if required.

We provide our customers with several customization options. In conjunction with volume licensing, we are able to maintain specific data load masters that are site or application specific. We can master and deploy a large number of machines, ready to plug and play on arrival. We are also able to coordinate staged roll-outs, so that equipment arrives when needed, but doesn't end up cluttering the site, waiting to be installed. We are able to locate, evaluate, and contract local service providers if necessary to complete your project. We will work with your IT staff locally and at branch sites to insure a smooth deployment on schedule.

Call us at 281-459-4653 ext. 111 to discuss your next major roll-out or logistical challenge. We believe you will find that we can augment your internal resources cost effectively, and allow you to expand your business without additional burden on staff.

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