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Power Associates, Inc. has an extensive background in project management, and the coordination of various vendors, subcontractors, and other entities required to deliver a project on time, and on budget.

Major IT projects require more than simply shipping in boxes of product. Many so-called "integrators" have become little more than catalog stores, leaving the headache of deployment and management to the customer. PAI still believes in the value of being involved. We are on-site, available, and pro-actively address issues that can create log-jams in a rollout, upgrade, expansion, or other major project. We don't disappear at "close of business".

We speak the language of electricians, technicians, mechanics, plant managers, freight carriers, and a variety of others who are involved in making sure things flow smoothly. Our expertise in tracking and managing these various elements insures that a complex project won't degenerate into a complicated problem. We work with these people, making sure each piece is completed as needed, and all parts fit together seamlessly.

Our warehouse and facilities in Northeast Houston allow us to accept freight consignments and store product short-term while staging deployment. Additionally our fleet of delivery vehicles, equipment, and personnel provide a means to get these products to their final destination as needed, with proper respect for the client facilities, whether it's a polished marble lobby or a busy factory floor. We carry out the empty cartons and packing materials, and in some cases even remove and dispose of old equipment.

Call us at 281-459-4653 ext. 111 to discuss your next major project. We believe you will find that our attention to detail and vast experience managing similar projects will serve your needs and exceed your expectations.

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