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In today's business climate, a company's information is possibly worth as much or more than its physical assets. It's clearly more difficult and expensive to replace customer records, billing information, process and plan documents, and the vast variety of digital assets that we daily acquire.

Yet it has only been in recent years, with the highly visible impact of natural disasters and man-made events, that the focus on backup of critical systems has reached top priority status. Very often in the past, data backup was seen as a convenience or a compliance issue. Now it may be a matter of business survival.

Power Associates, Inc. has relationships with industry-leading vendors for both the hardware and software required for disaster recovery and daily backup of critical data.

These systems are designed for automatic operation at various levels, insuring that human error and memory do not prevent the backup from remaining current. Additionally, software and hardware can be configured so that a copy of more recent files remain local and quickly accessible, for the occasional accidental deletion, while insuring that long-term storage can be safely taken offsite, stored safely, and used in the event of a real emergency.

To discuss the various options and the product combination that will best fit your type and size of business, please call us at 281-459-4653 ext. 111. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with additional information and assist in designing a back-up recovery plan that addresses your concerns.

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