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The datacenter environment is frequently an afterthought for IT managers, particularly when a company must operate it's computer infrastructure in legacy installations where space and access are already defined.

In some cases, these older "computer rooms" were built for large mainframes that have long since been replaced by racks of servers. Yet now, we see racks of servers being replaced by high density blade systems, clustered storage and virtualized CPUs.

Blade technology means more computing power in a smaller space with more manageability. It also means that power input and heat output are becoming more concentrated in these spaces. The net result is that the equipment can fail, or at least, not operate as efficiently, and the cost of relying on the building air conditioning to provide additional cooling can deeply affect the budget.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the growth in density of network-based technologies such as Voice over IP and IP video and security systems mean that network equipment closets now are also demanding reliable clean power and greater cooling. In many cases, these environments do not even have vent service from the facility.

Power Associates, Inc. provides cabinet and rack options from a variety of vendors that address these power and environmental management needs.

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