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Power Associates, Inc. is an authorized dealer for a number of industry leading hardware providers. We are also fully authorized to sell warranty upgrades and extensions for these products, where available.

Not all systems are critical to daily operation. We can recommend more cost effective support offerings for "mission-convenient" equipment, so that you can extend your budget for the dedicated and rapid support you require for core components.

In our experience, we have found that warranties and purchased support contracts suffer from two significant problems; they are not registered properly for the product, or they are allowed to lapse while the product is still in its useful lifetime. Frequently this is only discovered when a piece of equipment fails, and the technician is turned down for the expected support.

Unregistered or misregistered contracts, lapsed contracts, and missed equipment are common hazards when dealing with a large volume of equipment. PAI has the capacity, with its deployment and asset tracking services, to assist in applying and registering service contracts, as well as informing you when a warranty or extension is about to expire.

When your existing or new equipment is due for support renewal, please call us at 281-459-4653 ext. 111 for a review and recommendation.

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