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Power Associates, Inc. respects your privacy. This statement explains our policy with regard to personal information which may be obtained and recorded by Power Associates, Inc. during the normal conduct of business.

Definition of Personal Information

For the purposes of this policy, personal information includes but may not be limited to information which can uniquely identify you, such as your name, e-mail or postal address, telephone number, assigned account number, IP address at time of access, credit card number, log-in name, or log-in password. Except as specified below, Power Associates, Inc. will not disclose, rent, or sell this information to any third parties.

Collection of Personal Information

Presently Power Associates, Inc. does not actively collect personal information via the Internet on its website. However, certain links on the site may create an e-mail message that will at minimum include your e-mail address as specified in your e-mail software. We discourage sending any sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account information or similar data via e-mail as it is not completely secure.

The Power Associates, Inc. web server, like all web servers, logs the unique IP address of any web browser client visiting the website. This information may be used for demographic analysis of page views and site usage, but is not normally connected with any other personally identifying information. The IP address as logged may also be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Power Associates, Inc. may use “cookies”; “web beacons”; HTML links, and other technology to do demographic analysis of site usage, and also to register responses to e-mail or postal mailings that you have consented to receive. In most cases this information will not be connected or identified with other personal information.

In any case, access to the Power Associates, Inc. website does not require the registration of personal information. At the present time all public areas of the site can be accessed anonymously without login or password.

Power Associates, Inc. may also obtain mailing/contact lists from recognized list providers or other sources, which have been compiled using industry accepted methods. Power Associates, Inc. uses these list in accordance with the privacy policy defined herein, but is in no way responsible for the data collection methods used by the list provider.

Use of Personal Information

Power Associates, Inc. may use your personal information as required to carry out business transactions with you, grant credit terms or assess credit worthiness, or otherwise provide goods and services as requested. With respect to these activities your information may be disclosed to third parties whose participation is required, such as banks, credit reporting agencies, third party vendors or distributors, and other business associates.

Power Associates, Inc. may also disclose personal information as required by law in compliance with criminal investigations, civil litigation, and/or other requirements of due process, court proceedings, and/or other similar requests made by legitimate governmental authorities. If relevant, appropriate, and possible, tracking technologies such as the aforementioned IP address logs, cookies, etc. may also be disclosed for these purposes.

Power Associates, Inc. may also use your personal information to send promotional and/or informational messages, via e-mail or postal mail, regarding products or services that may be of interest to you. Power Associates, Inc. may also participate in joint promotional and/or informational messages with our vendors, distributors, and other business associates that require the disclosure of your personal information. This disclosure will be for the express purpose of the joint promotional project and will be considered confidential.

Information Security, Access, and Your Privacy Preferences

Power Associates, Inc. does not maintain your personal information on its web server or in any directly attached system. The physical and data records maintained by Power Associates, Inc. are secured by generally accepted best practices for data security and in accordance with applicable business laws of the United States.

Access to your personal information is limited to those personnel who have a need to know it for the purposes described above. Power Associates, Inc. will not knowingly transmit, publish, or otherwise expose this information in any manner which will allow an unauthorized party to obtain it by legitimate means.
Power Associates, Inc. assumes no liability for accidental or intentional breaches of security that may occur, or any resulting damages from such a breach.

Any communications with you regarding your personnel information will be conducted via the most secure means practical. Power Associates, Inc. DOES NOT send generic e-mail requests asking for personal information or requesting that you update information on file. If you receive any such message please inform us at once by contacting the webmaster (contact information is at the end of this statement). DO NOT respond to such messages.

Power Associates, Inc. may send generic promotional and informational messages via e-mail. We do not SPAM our customers and any such mailing will allow you to OPT-OUT of future mailings, via a simple link in the message. Opting out of e-mailings may require the transmission of your e-mail address via the internet in order to have it removed from the mailing list. If you prefer not to make such transmission of your e-mail address you may contact the webmaster via telephone.

Power Associates, Inc. may also send postal mailings that may be of interest to you to your mailing address. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, contact the webmaster at the telephone number below.

Power Associates, Inc. will attempt to comply with your privacy preferences in as timely a manner as possible, usually within 72 hours of receiving notice. It is possible that you may receive additional messages before your preferences have been changed in our system.  

Power Associates, Inc. does not provide a user-accessible interface to personal information we may have obtained from you. If you believe that information we have on record is in error, please contact the webmaster. We will not provide your personal information to requests from you or any party until we have verified the identity of the inquiring party and the legitimate nature of the request.

Persons of Less Than Majority Age

Power Associates, Inc. is a business-to-business website providing informational resources to our customers regarding our products and services. It is assumed therefore that all persons viewing the site are of legal majority age in their country of residence, and are legally able to provide Power Associates, Inc. with personal information for the purposes described herein. Power Associates, Inc. will remove the personal information of any person who is not of legal majority age as we are made aware of it.

Compliance/Adherence to Non-U.S. Privacy Regulations

Power Associates, Inc. is a United States based company and may conduct business with customers located outside the United States. This website may be accessed from countries where the prevailing laws regarding the collection and usage of personal information differs from that of the United States.  

Where the policy of Power Associates, Inc. as put forth in this privacy statement is not in compliance with any and/or all local regulations that may be applicable to non-U.S. residents, you, the end-user, assume full responsibility for conferring any information to Power Associates, Inc. and understand that this information may be used in accordance with this the policy in this statement, regardless of any difference between this statement and such regulations.

Third Party Sites

This website may contain links to third party web sites, or you may be referred to third party resources for additional information in other communications between you and Power Associates, Inc. These third parties are separate business entities from Power Associates, Inc. and are not under the control or influence of Power Associates, Inc. Privacy policies, and the use of your personal information may differ on these third party sites. You are responsible for reviewing and understanding their collective and individual privacy policies and any personal information you provide.

Power Associates, Inc. does not warrant or indemnify any third party linked or referenced as described above with regard to their individual or collective privacy policies and use of your personal information.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

Power Associates, Inc. may amend, alter, or rescend this policy at any time without prior notice to comply with changes in law or more effectively serve our customers and business purposes. If this results in a substantial change in the way we handle your personal information we will make reasonable efforts to inform site visitors. It is the responsibility of you, the end-user, to be aware of such changes.

Contact Information

You may address questions, comments, or requests for removal or correction of personal information to the following:

 Tel: 281-459-4653 ext. 112
Fax: 281-459-4654 Attn: Site Privacy

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